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wick_ed's Journal

RhEa DilloN
3 March
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I'm Rhea (RaY-Uh) My friends describe me As being Cray-Z @nD PeRvErTeD.....Well anyways I like to party,hang w/friends,$hop,talk on the phone,Get piercings,meet new PpL.& Lots of other shit too....if ur wondering what i look like then keep fucking wondering bitch! nah i'll soon have pix ;)Well If u have n-e-other ?'S Just AsK don't be scared! OOH! & I wanna give a shout out 2 all my bitch @ZZ friends(2 many to name)well lata i'm out,
:+:RhEa:+: AKA...~*~$Rea-Dawg$~*~ ~!~Rea-D~!~ ~RoaR~ *RuR* well LaTuH Ya'Ll
PS...Uhh I'm kewl as fuck and i RocK and thats all u fuckers need too know so just add me!